Peer Ministers

The 2016-17 Peer Ministers team

Peer Ministers serve as mentors, a caring presence, and role models to students, being available to peers, fostering relationships, creating program and spiritual growth opportunities, and connecting students in need of spiritual care with the pastoral staff of the Chapel of the Resurrection. Peer Ministers live in the residence halls and are an integral part of both the Residence Life team and the Chapel ministry. 

The Peer Ministry Program consists of upper class students who live in the Valparaiso University first year residence halls, and up to two upper class students per upper class residence hall.  Peer Ministers will live in the building they serve. This year, in addition, there are a number of Peer Ministers assigned to non-residential areas, such as athletics, international students, and commuter students.

Peer Ministers serve students by offering welcome, guidance, compassion and support, through intentional relationships, in an ideal ratio of one Peer Minister per first year residence hall floor.  Peer Ministers serve upper class students in an ideal ratio of two Peer Ministers per building. Peer Ministers provide a safe place for all students to question, ponder, explore, grow and develop an understanding of self amid the spiritual journey.  Peer Ministers are an extension of, and provide a connection to, the pastoral ministry of the Chapel of the Resurrection.

As integral members of both the Residential Life and Campus Ministry staffs, Peer Ministers attend regular hall staff meetings, actively participate in regular team meetings, and work closely with the Resident Assistants to facilitate spiritual programming within the residence halls.

For more information about Peer Ministers, contact University Pastor Charlene M. Rachuy Cox.

2016-17 Peer Ministers are:

Alumni Hall:

 Axandra Smalley, Jonah Koetke and Kelly Langevin

Beacon Hall:

Jeff Langevin and Alex McCameron

Brandt Hall:

Annaliese Depenthal, Caylyn Moglia (second semester), Dylan Antonides, Micah Spruth-Jansen, Brittany Barkus and Christian Mundorf

Lankenau Hall:

Cody Wilson, Adya Pandey (also serving International students), and Isaac Maze

Memorial Hall:

Paul Wunderlich and Connor Hickey

Wehrenberg Hall:

Jennifer Kvasnicka and Evan McVann

Sorority House:

Skylar Schoedel


"At large" Peer Ministers are:

Myles Hayden (Center for the Arts); Frankie Caputo (Theatre); Nathaniel Bouman (Christ College); Chase Greenhagen (Commuter); Jesse Greenhagen (ARC); and Erin Brown (Study Abroad)