celebrate January 2013


Celebrate! is offered every Wednesday at 10 p.m. when classes are in session. 

Celebrate! is a worship experience that combines contemporary worship and praise with Holy Communion in a creative, laid-back style. Join us in the main chapel. University Pastor James A. Wetzstein is the main speaker.

Check out the Celebrate! Facebook page for weekly updates, audio, etc.

Here are the overarching themes for the spring of 2014:


REMEMBERING: this will be about baptismal identity, the Eucharist and reading scripture
WELCOMING: about hospitality and building up the body of Christ
SINGING: worship and praise and the unique role that singing plays in the Christian life
TESTIFYING: about knowing and sharing your story of faith and being a witness to the resurrection
GIVING: stewardship, thankfulness and contentment, remembering the poor, social justice and all of that good stuff
FORGIVING: about, yeah... forgiving and reconciliation
HEALING: about Christian hope in the face of illness, intercessory prayer and living in a culture of life
DECIDING: discernment, the role of prayer in decision-making and making good decisions



April 23, 2014. Are you in a praise band? The Chapel will host a worship marathon after Celebrate on Wed., April 23rd, beginning at approximately 11:30 p.m. and going till about 1 a.m. Contact praise band coach Gabe Glass if interested.



Celebrate January 2013