Supplemental Instruction (SI) & Peer Tutoring Programs

Are you looking for extra help with your coursework? 

Many of Valpo’s academic departments and professional colleges offer academic support in conjunction with particular courses.  Undergraduate teaching assistants and student aides provide help sessions for group and individual tutoring for first and second year courses free of charge to students.  The university's learning centers (Writing Center, Language Resource Center, Hesse Learning Center and Academic Success Center) offer a variety group and individual learning assistance primarily at the undergraduate level.   If you are a graduate student, the Graduate Tutoring Lab offers peer tutoring services and the School of Law offers its own Academic Success Program for first-year students.

How do I find the most appropriate academic support services to fit my needs?

The best place to start is to ask your professors, as well as your academic advisor, if there are any academic support opportunities related to the courses in which you seek additional assistance.  Another step is to use the Academic Support Directory or contact the ASC to point you in the right direction for campus-wide services and resources.

Academic Success Center:  Supplemental Instruction & Peer Tutoring Programs

The ASC functions as a coordination site for programs that bring together resources from across the university to provide students with additional learning opportunities.   Supplemental Instruction provides four weekly peer-led review sessions for BIO 151/152, BIO 171/172, CHEM 111/121/122 and PHYS 141.  The Peer Tutoring Program is a student-tutor match program that provides weekly learning assistance for many 100-200 level courses. 

Conditions for Placement in the Peer Tutoring Program:

Before applying for the program, students are expected to talk to their professor and attend any available first-level academic support services, such as professor office hours, department help sessions, SI sessions and drop-in tutoring available at the Writing Center, Language Resource Center and Hesse Learning Center.  Spots in program may be limited based on the demand and availability of peer tutors.  Students must be currently enrolled in the undergraduate course for which they seek assistance.

How do I request a spot in the Peer Tutoring Program?

Students who would like to receive the assistance of a peer tutor for a 100-200 level course may apply through the ASC by completing the Peer Tutoring Request form.  A link to the request form will be available on this page after the drop/add period is complete at the start of the fall and spring semesters.  Students who are placed in the program receive 1 weekly tutoring session (with the same tutor) for a specific 100-200 level undergraduate course. (Fall and spring semesters only.)

  • FALL 2016 PEER TUTORING PROGRAM (serving many 100-200 level courses): To request a spot in the fall program, complete the PEER TUTOR REQUEST FORM.  The last day to submit a request for a spot in the Fall 2016 program is November 10th at 5:00 p.m.  After this deadline, the fall program will be closed to new participants. 
  • PRE-ENGINEERING & ENGINEERING STUDENTS ONLY:  If you are seeking a tutor for a math, physics or engineering course, please complete the Fall 2016 Hesse Center Academic Support Form

Who are the peer tutors and SI leaders?

Students who work as peer tutors and SI leaders have successfully completed the courses for which they provide tutoring and receive recommendations from their professors.  Peer tutors and SI leaders must show academic proficiency in the course with a grade of B or higher and have good interpersonal communication skills.  Peer tutors must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and SI leaders must maintain an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher.  All ASC student employees are expected to maintain confidentiality, attend training sessions and work well with peers and faculty. 

Student Employment:  Are you interested in becoming an ASC Office Assistant, Peer Tutor or SI leader?

If you are a second-semester freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student at Valpo, you may submit an application(s) and faculty recommendation form(s) to the Academic Success Center during open hiring periods.  The key hiring period is March-May for the upcoming academic year.  For more information, please read the documents for the position(s) that interest you.

Peer Tutor Position: Peer Tutor Job Description, Peer Tutor Application Form and Peer Tutor Faculty Recommendation Form.

SI Leader Position:  SI Leader Job Description and SI Leader Application Form.  If you are applying for an SI leader position, you do not need to complete a separate faculty recommendation form. (Since there are limited SI leader positions, recommendations are handled through direct communication between the ASC Director and individual faculty members.)

Office Assistant Position:  Student Offfice Assistant Job Description and Student Office Assistant Application form.

Contact Information

Tricia A. White, Director
Academic Success Center
Christopher Center Library, 110
(219) 464-5985