Reporting an accident

POLICY: All accidents no matter how minor, occurring on Valparaiso University property (or in the course of performing campus business) to employees, students or visitors, are to be reported. This also includes near-miss incidents (any event, condition or behavior that may result in an accident).

IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY, CALL 911. For non-emergency situations, use following procedure:

PROCEDURE: Accidents to employees -

  1. Report the accident to your supervisor immediately.
  2. If the accident occurs during the evening hours or on weekends (off-hours) when the supervisor is not present: -Notify your supervisor within 24 hours if the accident is not deemed an emergency. (In the Housekeeping and Physical Plant Services Department, notify the "on-call" supervisor.) - Call 911, if the accident requires urgent care. Then notify your supervisor within 24 hours.

Follow this procedure if you are a student and injured while on the job!