Code of Conduct

Summer Global Leadership Institute

Code of Conduct


Valparaiso University’s Summer Global Leadership Institute has established a code of conduct that applies to all summer program participants. These rules have been designed for your safety and well-being and to increase your enjoyment of dorm life and of the Valpo area. Each participant  must agree to and sign the Summer Global Leadership Institute Code of Conduct (pdf of this form is attached bellow). 

These rules and regulations will be strictly enforced. Students found in violation of program or Valparaiso University rules and regulations are immediately removed from the dorm and the program regardless of when during the program the infraction occurs. Students removed from the program for a rule violation have 24 hours to vacate the dorm and make travel arrangements to return home. Tuition and fees are not refunded if a student is sent home. Please feel free to call the program coordinator, Erin Carter, at 219-464-5333 if you have any questions.


  1. Student Conduct: Students may be withdrawn from the program if, in our judgment, they pose a direct threat to their own health or safety or to that of others, or refuse to cooperate with efforts deemed necessary by the university to evaluate their conduct. A fundamental goal of SGLI is to foster a community environment based upon mutual respect and openness. Therefore, any form of discrimination, including but not limited to that based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation constitutes as unacceptable behavior. In addition, the use of profane words is prohibited in any language.
  2. Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco: The use or possession of alcoholic beverages and/or illicit drugs anywhere on campus or in its facilities, including dormitories, is strictly prohibited. Students found in possession of, under the influence of, in the presence of, and/or suspected of consuming these prohibited items will be removed from the program immediately and may receive additional penalties. Students may also receive penalties ex post facto, if evidence surfaces that the student was engaged in these prohibited activities during the program. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION.  In addition, Valparaiso University is a dry and tobacco-free campus, meaning students must also abide by the policy of tobacco-free culture on campus throughout the entire program.
  3. Classroom Hours: Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday, mornings and afternoons.  Students will report to their classroom or designated area on time for every scheduled class session, as directed by the professor, and will not leave the designated class area without the permission of the instructor. Classes are mandatory for all students.  Punctuality and attendance will be required.
  4. Homework assignments: Students are expected to complete all work assignments given out by the teacher.
  5. Curfew: All students must be in the dorms by 11:00pm, Sunday through Thursday, and by 12:00 midnight on Friday and Saturday for curfew check. Students who are late for curfew will face disciplinary consequences and may be sent home. There are no exceptions or extensions to the curfew. Once a student has been checked in, they are free to hang out in the dorm until 1am, Sunday through Thursday, and 2am on Friday and Saturday, when students then have to be in their dorm rooms with the lights out.
  6. Dormitory Hours:  Quiet hours are from 10:00pm-7:00am. Respect hours are all hours.
  7. Visiting Hours: Boys and girls are not allowed to be in each other's dormitory room unless the door is propped open. No visitors in dormitory rooms after 10:00PM.
  8. Family Visits/Absence from Campus: Students are not allowed to leave the program grounds during any part of the program. This is nonnegotiable. If a family member would like to come and visit their son/daughter they are more than welcome to join out International Cultural Night or Awards Banquet towards the end of the program. Any other visits during the program are unacceptable and forbidden with in the regulations of the SGLI program. If you have any questions about this, please email Erin Carter, Coordinator of SGLI, at
  9. Cleanliness: Students are responsible for keeping classrooms, the multipurpose room, study halls, dormitory lounges, bathrooms, and bedrooms neat.  All litter must be properly disposed of.  Sinks, toilets, lounge areas, pool tables, and kitchens will be maintained in an orderly fashion.
  10. Security/Damage Deposit:  Students will be charged a $300 security and damages deposit.  This will cover lost keys, lost identification cards, dorm room lockouts, and damages done to dorm rooms, lounges, and bathrooms.  These damages include, but are not limited to: cigarette smoke damage, broken lounge furniture and appliances, unclean and unsanitary living spaces, and “propping” exterior doors.  This deposit can be returned partially or in full depending on the extent of damages, if any.  The refund will be issued by September of 2013.
  11. Planned Activities: To help students get to know each other, the campus, and Valpo, SGLI includes a variety of fun group events organized on campus and around Valpo. Our planned social activities occur during the afternoons, evenings, and on weekends. These events are mandatory for all students. Students are also expected to be on time for all trips and group activities.  Transportation will leave on time as scheduled.
  12. Free-Time Guidelines: Students are allowed to leave campus during their free time. However, students are not permitted to leave campus by themselves – they must be accompanied by at least one other student in the program or by a program assistant. Our program reserves the right to restrict students’ access to any part of Valpo for security or other reasons. When students do leave campus, they need to inform a program assistant of their destination and time of return, no later than curfew. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary consequences and possible removal from the program.
  13. Comply with: Students must follow all instructions from the program director, coordinator, international ambassadors, professors, and other program assistants and are advised to stay with the group at all times.


Signatures of participant and parent/guardian will signify willingness to abide by the conditions and regulations of Valparaiso University and the Program. Failure to abide by these conditions may result in immediate dismissal.




Upon acceptance into SGLI, each participant must agree to and sign the Code of Conduct PRIOR to their arrival on campus. Please scan and email signed forms to SGLI Coordinator, Erin Carter, at Or mail the signed form to 


Attention:SGLI Coordinator
Valparaiso University - Harre Union
1509 Chapel Drive
Suite 209
Valparaiso, IN 46383