Graduate School Forms

This page contains forms for Graduate School applicants and current Valparaiso University Graduate students.  The Graduate School forms are organized into the following categories:

  • Forms needed to complete an application to the Valparaiso University Graduate School.
  • Forms and petitions for current graduate students for non-academic changes or updates.
  • Forms and petitions for current graduate students for academic purposes.
  • Forms for current graduate students to graduate with their degree.
  • Forms for past graduate students wishing to re-enter the University.

If you are unsure of which form to use, please contact the Graduate School at 219-464-5313 or

After printing your form, complete it, obtain the appropriate signatures, and return it to the Graduate School in Kretzmann Hall.

These forms are in PDF version. To read PDF forms download the free Acrobat Reader.
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Applying to the Graduate School

General Recommendation Form  (printable)PDF Icon

Online Recommendation Form
Masters of Education Recommendation Form PDF Icon
Acceptance to the Graduate School
Students that have been accepted into a graduate program at the University must formally accept, decline or defer the start date of the program through this online form.
Orientation Confirmation
New students must attend mandatory orientation. Please click here for more information   

Applying to the Graduate School-Supplemental Application Forms

Chinese Studies Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon

Comparative Global Inquiry Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon

Cyber Security Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Digital Media or Sports Media Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Doctorate of Nursing Practice Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Education - Initial Licensure Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Education - LEAPS Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
English Studies & Communication Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Humane Education Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Information Technology Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
International Commerce & Policy - Masters International Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Master of Science in Nursing Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
School Counseling Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
School Psychology Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon
Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages Supplemental ApplicationPDF Icon

Academic Procedure Forms

Transferring credit from another university PDF Icon
Graduate students may transfer graduate coursework from another university for credit towards their graduate degree program at Valparaiso University. Students wishing to transfer credit should refer to the Graduate School Catalog for requirements and restrictions. Note that this form requires signatures of your adviser and the program director.

Applying for Candidacy PDF Icon
No graduate student is considered a degree candidate until he/she has submitted the candidacy form. This form should be submitted after 9 credits have successfully been completed. Students are encouraged to complete the form prior to an advising session so it may be reviewed and signed by their adviser during the consultation.

Application for Formal Withdrawal from the Graduate School PDF Icon
Students that chose to leave the University, either for transfer to another school or through a decision to discontinue graduate coursework, must formally withdraw from the University. This form requires the signatures of Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Christopher Center Library, University Police and the Dean of The Graduate School.
Independent Coursework Forms

Students planning to enroll in a course that does not meet formally as a class must complete the appropriate form. Each form requires signatures of your instructor and the program director or chair before being submitted to the Graduate School for approval.  Please note that completion and submission of these forms does not guarantee approval and registration.

685/686/687/786/787 Internship Forms
Students required or choosing to complete an internship must complete the following
forms in order to register for their internship.

These internship forms are for students in non-licensure programs, which include: Analytics & Modeling, Arts & Entertainment Administration, Chinese Studies, Cyber Security, Digital Media, English Studies & Communication, Health Administration, Humane Education, Information Technology, International Commerce & Policy, International Economics & Finance, Licensed Clinical Addictions Counseling, MALS - all concentrations, Ministry Leadership & Administration, Sports Administration, Sports Media and TESOL.

Forms and Petitions for Academic Changes and Updates

Take a credit overload PDF Icon
Students in the Graduate School may not take more than 12 credits of graduate coursework or 15 credits of combined graduate/undergraduate coursework during either fall or spring semesters. Students are limited to 6 credits of graduate coursework during either summer session. A student wanting to take more than the stated maximums must submit a petition to the Dean. Approval is rarely given for such petitions, particularly for students with graduate GPA under 3.7. This form requires the signature of the student's adviser.
Add a course after the deadline PDF Icon
A student wanting to add a course after the deadline has passed (usually one week into the semester for fall and spring, two days into the semester for summer) must submit this petition.  Signatures of the student's adviser, instructor, and chair are required.

Withdraw from a course after the deadline PDF Icon
Students may withdraw from a course with a grade of W up to the 45th class day of the semester (approximately 9 weeks). After this day, students will receive an F unless a petition to the Graduate School is approved because of special circumstances. Such petitions are rarely approved for anything other than a serious medical condition. The instructor's and adviser's signatures are required.

Students should first use DataVU to request the withdrawal.  After the 45th day of classes, the Petition form should be used.

Extension of Incomplete (I) grade PDF Icon
A student who has been given a grade of Incomplete has until the beginning of exam week of the subsequent semester to complete the coursework and receive a grade. If a student and instructor agree that more time should be allotted because of special circumstances, the student may file a petition to extend the deadline by a maximum of one semester. Additional extensions will not be given without serious cause, such as an ongoing medical condition. If a student does not complete the work by the specified time, the I changes to an F on the student's transcript. In order to remove the F, the student must repeat the course. The instructor's signature is required on the form.
Extend the deadline for earning a degree PDF Icon
Unless stated otherwise, students are allowed 5 years to complete their degree. A student may submit a petition to the Dean of The Graduate School for a one-time extension of up to 5 years.
Attend another institution PDF Icon
Before enrolling in coursework at another institution, graduate students must have approval if they plan to use the coursework toward earning a graduate degree at Valparaiso University. The student must obtain the signature of both her/his adviser as well as the Dean of The Graduate School.
Appeal financial charges based on official date of course withdrawal PDF Icon
Tuition appeals are for students who have withdrawn or have been approved to drop after the deadline and are requesting a refund or adjustment in tuition for that semester. Approval of this appeal does not apply to changes in grade or registration status. Approval of this tuition appeal may have an impact on recipients receiving various types of Financial Aid. Appeals must be received by the Office of the Registrar within 120 days following the semester in which the charges occurred.
Graduation Procedure Forms

Application for Graduation

The Application for Graduation is now completed through DataVU - please log in to your student account to complete the application.  A $20 application fee is required.  A $10 late fee will be added after the following deadlines:

  • November 1 for May graduates
  • February 1 for August graduates
  • September 1 for December graduates
Early Graduation Participation PDF Icon
Students enrolled in the Graduate Program who are within 8 credits of completing their degree may file a petition with the Dean of The Graduate School to participate in the preceding May or the following December ceremony.

Forms for Former Graduate Students
Application for Readmission PDF Icon
Degree-seeking students who have not enrolled in the University for more than one year (two semesters) are considered inactive and must apply for readmission in order to continue their course of study. Non-degree students who have not taken a course for at least one year also have to submit an application for readmission. Students who have earned one graduate degree and intend to apply to another degree or certificate program have to complete a full application form for that program.