Peer Advisor Program

Feel free to contact any of the students listed below to learn more about Valpo's study abroad programs.  If you are interested in becoming a Peer Advisor, please contact Julie Maddox at

Peer Advisors

Hi!  My name is Veronica Fall and I participated in the Reutlingen, Germany study abroad program in the spring of 2011.  After having been inspired by another student's study abroad experience, I realized that I wanted to have these amazing opportunities for myself, while improving my German language skills and learning about another culture.  Choosing to go abroad is the smartest decision I have made during my college career because I have grown as a person and learned much more about who I am.  I encourage others to study abroad and have their own once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I hope to inspire others as well.

Meteorology Major, Mathematics Minor

Veronica Fall
hannah bauer

Hello!  My name is Hannah Bauer and I am a junior creative writing major at VU.  I spent spring semester of my sophomore year in Cambridge, England.  As soon as I started researching colleges, I started looking for one with a good study abroad program and I couldn't have done better than Valpo's Cambridge program.  I took classes from Cambridge University professors, I made Cambridge my home, and I traveled around Europe, visiting over ten countries in four months.  Studying abroad was an amazing adventure in which I got to meet tons of other people and grow in ways I didn't know I could.  I truly can't wait to continue my adventure!  Cheers!  "Studying abroad changed my life.  I caught the 'travel bug' and now I can't wait to spend my life seeing the rest of the world."

Creative Writing Major

Hi!  My name is Hannah Keedy and I studied abroad in Cambridge, England as a biology and chemistry major. Being abroad for that length of time changes who you are as a person and being able to share that with fellow students would be a great experience. Being a science major, I am able to give advice to fellow majors about how to plan ahead with classes and getting your major requirements completed to graduate on time.



HI My name is Rachel Rahn and I spent my junior year abroad in Tübingen, Germany as a Biology major and German/Chemistry minor.  My experience, both in a different academic system and a different culture, has given me a new determinatino and insight into the possibilities that await me beyond university.  

I'm also a DAAD Young Ambassador to promote study abroad in Germany on-campus!

Biology, German/Chemistry

My name is Jan-Erik Scheibner and I'm a two semester exchange student from Tübingen, Germany. I'm studying computer science, information technology & communications at Valparaiso University and at the University of Tübingen, I'm majoring in media science and business administration. 

I know Tübingen really well, since I've been studying there for more than two years already.  I am also familiar with the surrounding landscapes, cities and regions like Stuttgart, Munich, the Swabian Alps and so forth... I grew up in the south of Germany.

So if you have any questions about studying abroad, Germany in general or specifically Tübingen, don't hesitate to ask me.

Media Science & Business Administration


HI, my name is Jodie Buchanan and I went to Namibia in Southern Africa last fall semester (2011).  Because I loved my time abroad, I want to help other students to study abroad in Namibia.  I'm a social work major and international service minor.  


Social Work/International Service

Hi! My name is Karis and I am senior studying Music, Psychology, and French. I studied abroad in Paris through the Boston University Paris Internship Program, which was easily the best decision I've made in college. My semester abroad was an incredibly broadening experience that changed the way I view the world, myself, and other people. The opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture and language was eye opening and rewarding in ways I never could have foreseen. I truly believe that everybody should have this kind of enrichment in their lives!

Music & Psychology Double Major; French minor


My name is Lindsey Skala and I spent my junior year abroad in France.  In the fall, I interned in Paris and then studied at the University of Cergy-Pontoise in the spring semester.  I'm a Peer Advisor to have the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for study abroad with incoming students.  I'm also a Language Partner/Tutor in teh Language Resource Center.

French & IECA Major

My name is Stephanie Snow and I studied in France for my entire junior year.  In the fall, I participated in the Paris Internship Program and then enrolled in the La Rochelle International Business School for the spring term.  I want to help others to become interested in study abroad and help them learn more about living overseas.

International Business major and French minor


Hi! My name is Jordan Harner and I spent the spring semester of sophomore year in Zaragoza, Spain.  I'm studing international businss and Spanish, so this was a good fit for my studies.  I want to encourage otehrs to study abroad and hopefully help with the process along the way.

International Business/Spanish Major

Hi My name is Katie Effertz and I loved by study abroad experience.  It was one of the most educational and exciting experiences I have ever had.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I want to encourage other students to have the same life-changing experience and to help the students already signed up to feel as ready as possible for their trip.

Spanish major


Hi! My name is Carlos Concheso and I am from Zaragoza, Spain. I’ve been studying engineering there for the last 4 years and after that I realized that I wanted to become an independent and effective person and get to know other countries and cultures so after some planning and administration I chose Valparaiso as my destination and finally came here. This opportunity is also improving my English and my capacity to know people and socialize more easily.

I’ve lived in Zaragoza for almost my whole life and I know it pretty well so if you have any questions about studying abroad, Spain or specifically Zaragoza, don't hesitate to ask me and I will tell you lots of interesting and useful stuff about this city.

Engineering Major

Hi My name is Sarah Robertson and studied at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand on a non-VU/independent program in fall 2011.  I'm a Biology/Chemistry major with a minor in Spanish.  I absolutely LOVED going abroad - I think about it every single day, and cannot wait to return to my host country.  I cannot express enough the benefits that it played on my life, and I really would like to advocate the experience to everyone!

I'm also a IFSA-Butler Global Ambassador, so I can help answer questions on their programs.

Biology and Chemistry major, Spanish minor



HI my name is Meghann Gallimore and I went to the University of Otago in New Zealand through IFSA-Butler as a non-VU/independent program.  I'm an English major and Humanities minor.  I'm a Peer Advsior because I feel very strongly that all students should find a way to study abroad.  There is no other time in anyone's life that you can live in a foreign country for so reasonable a cost or with so few responsibilities.

English Major, Humanities Minor