Peer Advisor Program

Peer Advisors  

The Office of International Programs selects Peer Advisors to act as student representatives of the office, sharing their experience and knowledge of study abroad to encourage others to enroll.  Peer Advisors meet with interested students and act as guides throughout the study abroad preparation and re-entry process.


If you are interested in becoming a Peer Advisor, please contact Erin Kunert,


  • Assist the OIP with events and activities throughout the year (such as study abroad fairs, classroom presentations, pre-departure orientations, information sessions etc.). 
  • Actively schedule and present country or program specific information sessions to interested campus groups (1 or 2 per term).
  • Email and meet with students in order to advise them on studying abroad, program options, and procedures.
  • Share your enthusiasm for studying abroad with other Valpo students.
  • Have fun!


  •  Willingness to commit to the OIP and contribute to teamwork for the 2014-2015 academic year. Last year’s Peer Advisors spent an average of 1 or 2    hrs/week throughout the year on promotion and meetings, but some weeks do not require any commitments.  The weeks of campus outreach events (ie, study abroad fair) may require a bit more of your time.  Don’t worry, it will be fun, and studies come first.
  •  Provide experience, insight, information, and assistance to peers about the study abroad process
  •  Be the contact person for initial study abroad questions
  •  Guide students through the Valpo study abroad website
  •  Represent the OIP responsibly, accurately, and professionally
  •  Commitment to effectively communicate the policies and procedures of Valpo Study Abroad and work to forward the goals and mission of the OIP
  •  Other duties as assigned or suggested by you


  • Enhance public speaking and intercultural communication skills
  • Be afforded the opportunity to share your international experiences with your peers and inspire others to broaden their horizons
  • Professional development via the Chicago Lessons From Abroad Returnee Conference
  • Advising and leadership experience
  • Obtain hands-on training and experience in the field of International Education
  • Addition of concrete experience and skills to resume
  • Expand planning and problem-solving skills
  • Build relationshipos with an office staff while heightenign your awareness of how a professional office functions