Transfer credit

Prospective transfer students commonly ask whether their credits will transfer to Valparaiso University.

Transfer credit is awarded on a course-by-course basis. Most university, college or community college courses that are equivalent to corresponding Valpo courses are applied toward the general education requirement or as an elective credit.

Courses in a student’s major may fulfill major requirements upon approval of the appropriate college dean or department chair.

Maximum amount of advanced standing credits that can transfer to Valparaiso University:

  • College of Arts and Sciences: 94 credits
  • College of Business Administration: 94 credits
  • College of Engineering: 100 credits
  • College of Nursing: 94 credits

If transferring from a quarter system, three quarter hours usually equal two semester hours of credit. Courses comparable to those offered at Valparaiso University will be accepted for transfer with minimum grades of C-minus. Grades are not transferable; only credits transfer.

Credits earned more than 15 years ago are accepted toward graduation requirements on a provisional basis; students must then complete 30 semester hours at Valpo with a minimum 2.0 grade-point average or better.

How do my credits transfer?

The Transfer Equivalency database listing all possible transfer credits from other higher education institutions is being updated daily. Click on the link, and follow the step by step instructions to see how your courses can transfer.  If you don’t see your courses or college listed, don’t worry – it may still be eligible for transfer credit. This is a database in progress and we are still working on uploading all transfer equivalencies.

Step 1: Click on “Transfer Equivalencies”. 

Step 2: Click on “Submit”.

Step 3: Choose the state or country of the college you are currently attending or have attended in the past.

Step 4: Choose the college or university you are currently attending or have attended in the past.

Step 5: Choose the subject area you are looking for, or “ALL SUBJECTS”.

On the left side, you will see the course as it is titled at your current institution; the left is the name of the Valpo course that it is equal to or it is listed as UND which means it is undistributed credit and your advisor will decide how to place that course in your degree audit.