Think College

A Timeline for Your College Search

Think that you might want to be an engineer, nurse, marketing executive, teacher, meteorologist, FBI agent, dentist, or doctor someday? All of these professions and many others require college degrees, and going to college means you need to do some planning.

You’ll want to take high school classes that prepare you for admission to most colleges and give you the freedom to explore most academic majors once you start college.

Freshman Year

  • Ask your guidance counselor to help you schedule college prep classes.
  • Study hard and get involved in extracurricular activities.

Sophomore Year

  • Continue to work hard in college prep classes and to explore extracurricular opportunities.
  • Consider participating in volunteer service through an organization or individually.
  • Start paying close attention to the information you receive about different colleges and universities and about what people do in their careers.

Junior Year →

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