Thank you for the opportunity to introduce your group of high school students to Valparaiso University.

We appreciate your interest and to best coordinate your visit, the Undergraduate Admission office has established the following guidelines:

Advanced Scheduling

All high school group visits must be arranged three (3) weeks prior to your visit. They are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, with one group visiting per day on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday when classes are in session. The group visits start at 9:15 a.m. Central Time and can include an information session. We do not host groups overnight.

As a result of the increased number of groups requesting campus visits, the Undergraduate Admission office has established a policy to work with high school students and does not have the resources to host middle school or elementary school students.

Valpo will not host high school groups on weekends when facilities are limited, nor during final exam periods. We will do our best to accommodate your requested date.

Timely Arrival – Central Time Zone

Arriving on time is important. Please realize that our high school group visit start times work with our students’ class schedules. In the event of a late arrival, your tour and information session will likely be modified.

Group Ratio

Chaperones will be required to accompany high school groups at all times during the visit, including during the campus tour. Our required ratio is one adult per 10 high school students. (We can only accommodate 55 total people per visit.)

Cancellation Notice

If you find it necessary to cancel your visit, it is essential that you give at least three days notice. Failure to do so may limit future schedule availability for your group.


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Visit Request

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Please note: campus tours for groups do not include athletic facilities nor residence halls. Also, the start of the fall semester and the training time needed for our new tourguides means group tours are not scheduled August 15 through September 9, 2016.