Frank L. Jaksch '91

President and CEO
ChromaDex, Inc

Frank Jaksch, co-founder, ChromaDex, Inc. in 1999, serves as President, and CEO, providing strategic vision and direction with more than 19 years of laboratory, general management, sales, marketing and business development experience. ChromaDex, Inc. is the leading supplier of botanical reference standards and phytochemical products and services to the dietary supplement, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, food, beverage and cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. Prior to starting ChromaDex, Mr. Jaksch was with Phenomenex and ICN Pharmaceutical. At Phenomenex, an analytical chemistry company, he managed the International Subsidiary and International Business Development divisions. During his tenure, he established strategic business offices throughout the world. A multi-million dollar international company, Phenomenex supplies over 30% of the global market for analytical chemistry supplies.

Published in 2005, Mr. Jaksch is co-author (along with Dr. Mark Roman and Dr. Mingfu Wang) of “The Handbook of Analytical Methods for Dietary Supplements”.

Mr. Jaksch has a BS in Chemistry and Biology, from Valparaiso University.