Providing breadth and depth to your education

Valparaiso UniversityThe College of Arts and Sciences is the largest and most diverse of Valpo’s four undergraduate colleges. It also is closely linked to Christ College, the Honors College of Valparaiso University.

Valpo is committed to providing an education that integrates liberal arts and professional education and links the theoretical and the practical. At the center of this commitment is the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Giving you choices among more than 70 academic programs in 21 departments.
  • Providing the liberal arts core for all programs, including those in highly specialized fields.
  • Offering internships and other “hands-on” learning to compliment classroom experiences.
  • Providing opportunities for original research, including joint projects with our outstanding faculty.
  • Allowing you the flexibility to major in multiple fields, even create your own major.

And, the College of Arts and Sciences is the perfect place for the entering student who has not decided on an academic major. Exposure to the breadth of our offerings will be helpful in your search for that elusive “perfect” match.