Current Valparaiso University Disability Support Services Students

graduateThis page is intended for Valparaiso University students who are currently enrolled with the office of Disability Support Services. If you are currently a Valparaiso University Student who is seeking assistance from the Disability Support Services Office, we suggest that you first visit our Prospective Students page for initial information regarding Disability Support Services.

Informing VU Personnel of DSS Accommodations

Once the student has been identified as having a documented disability and accommodations have been determined, an accommodations letter is developed for that student.  The student's accommodation information is placed in the Colleague system. At the beginning of each semester, the professors will find a column on their class roster that is called “Accommodations. “A link will appear in the Accommodations column on the class roster for each DSS student in the professor’s class. The professor can select the link to view the accommodations approved for that student by the DSS office.  The link will remain on the class roster for the entire semester.  If a student requests accommodations later in the semester, an email will be sent to each of the student’s professors alerting them to check their class roster for the student’s newly-identified accommodations. If a professor is told by a student that he/she has a disability but there is no link on the class roster, the professor should contact the DSS office to determine if the student has been identified through the DSS process.

Please see our home page for links to additional helpful information or view the entire Disability Support Services Handbook.


All DSS students should have an updated Student Information form on file in the Disability Support Services office.