Faculty Profile

Lynn Grantz, Lecturer

Program Director, Lumenus USA

College of Arts and Sciences 360
(219) 548-7747


Professor Grantz came to Valparaiso University in 2001 to teach in Interlink after working on a civil society project for the Saurus Foundation in the former Soviet Union.

Her favorite aspect of VU is the small class sizes that make one-on-one interaction between students and professors possible. She likes getting to know her students individually and discovering what they think about outside of class.

As a language teacher, Professor Grantz believes that students must ultimately teach themselves. She strives to create an environment where students have space and time to think things through and speak the language. She minimizes the amount of speaking she does in front of the class, attempting instead to engage her students in conversation.

Her teaching specialties include ESL and Methods of teaching English as a Foreign Language. She also enjoys teaching CORE.

In her free time Professor Grantz reads mysteries and learns about different languages and cultures. She enjoys a cup of tea and an interesting conversation with friends from other countries.


M.A. - Ball State University 1994

Areas of Specialization

English as a Second Language

ESL teacher preparation

Courses Taught

ENGL 443/543 Introduction to Linguistics

ENGL 568/569 TESOL Theory and Methods I and II

ENGL 699 Seminar in English Communication

ENGL 200 Literary Studies

Core 110/115 The Human Experience

Professional Affiliations

  • TESOL: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages