Graduate Study

The Department of English offers courses for graduates on two levels: those enrolling both graduates and undergraduates (the 400 and 500 level courses), and those enrolling graduates only (the 600 level courses).

english 610 class photoOne course in English at the 600 level is normally offered each semester, which is more than sufficient to enable students to meet M.A.L.S. degree requirements. Of the six 600-level courses listed, two offer theory and practice in methodology (603: Seminar in Literature for Children, and 609: Theory and Practice of Expository Writing), and four are literature courses with broad titles permitting several specific topics to be given under each rubric. For example, under 635: Studies in Modern Literature, we have offered specific courses entitled "The American Short Story," "Studies in Poetic Evaluation," "Modern Portraits of the Artist," and "The European Novel." Graduate students may take any of these four literature courses a second time for credit, provided that the topic is different or there is no significant overlapping in the readings.

The courses at the 400 and 500 levels are of special interest to the secondary teacher of English who is required to take additional course work beyond the Bachelor's degree. To contribute to the ongoing effectiveness of the teacher, we have designed courses in these areas:

  • The study of language and grammar
  • The teaching of composition
  • The study of literature for children and adolescents
  • The close study of literary periods and traditions
  • The study of acknowledged masterpieces, such as the plays of Shakespeare

At least five of the ten semester hours required in the field of concentration and at least fifteen of the thirty semester hours presented for the degree must be in courses numbered 600 or higher. These courses must be taken at Valparaiso University. A limit of six semester hours may be transferred from other graduate institutions.

Graduate students declaring English as their field of concentration should consult regularly with the advisor to graduate students, usually the Chair of the Department.

class photo, engl 601 

Above: class members from a graduate section of the New Literacies, Cultures, and Technologies of Writing class pose for an end-of-the-semester photo.