English at Valpo

At the undergraduate level, the Department of English offers a major and a minor in literary studies officially called the English major and minor.

The department also offers a major and a minor in writing, with tracks in either creative or professional writing.

In addition, students who are preparing to be secondary or middle school teachers in English have a program of study designed by the departments of Education and English to allow them to meet state requirements for licensure and become well grounded in composition, the history and grammar of English, and teaching methods.  This program of study is typically called the teaching major and minor.

Finally, the Department offers a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), which is appropriate for students in a variety of majors whose career plans include international experience.  This minor is ideal for students in the International Economics & Cultural Affairs program at Valparaiso University, or for students considering work after graduation in programs such as the Peace Corps, Lutheran Volunteer Corps, or Teach for America.

English majors meet each semester with a professor who remains their adviser throughout their undergraduate careers. With their adviser, students select courses that fit their career plans and provide a balanced understanding of literary art in English.