The VU Department of Physics and Astronomy prepares students for a wide variety of exciting career paths by emphasizing rigorous mathematical analysis and conceptual understanding of physical phenomena, experimental testing of theoretical predictions by sophisticated data acquisition and analysis, the development of research skills as a member of a team, and communication of scientific results both orally and in written form. 

New Degree Programs

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Physics degree, we are happy to be offering two new degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and Bachelor of Science in Physics and Astronomy Education. The course requirements are detailed by clicking on the appropriate link on the left.

The BS in Astronomy is for students who want to highlight their interest and undergraduate training in Astronomy.  

The BS in Physics and Astronomy Education is meant for students seeking to teach in secondary education where there is much demand and need for well-trained science teachers. This program blends the core physics courses with education courses so that students are well prepared upon graduation for a teaching career. Please contact us for more information and please visit the Education department webpage.

Our graduates work in industrial research laboratories, national facilities like Fermilab, Argonne, and the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, high school classrooms, colleges and universities, patent law firms, science museums, and a whole host of other settings.  Explore the web site  to learn more about studying physics and astronomy at VU.