Hrivnak Publishes APJ paper

26 April 2013

Prof. Bruce Hrivnak (Physics & Astronomy) was the lead author of an astronomy research paper published this month (April) in the Astrophysical Journal. The paper is titled “Studies of Variability in Proto-Planetary Nebulae: II. Light and Velocity Curve Analyses of IRAS 22272+5435 and 22223+4327, and presents a detailed study of how the brightness, temperature, and size of the stars vary due to pulsation.  This gives astronomers a better insight into the physical nature of these particular dying stars.  The data analyzed include 18 years of observations from the VU campus observatory carried out by VU undergraduate students.  This research represented an international collaboration, consisting of Wen Lu (VU Physics & Astronomy) and astronomers from Belgium, Canada, Latvia, and Lithuania.  One of the collaborators, Dr. Laimons Zacs, is presenting spending 6 weeks at VU as a visiting research scholar.  Prof. Hrivnak’s research is funded by the National Science Foundation.