Viewing Your Student’s Information Online

Students have the ability to authorize another person (e.g., parents, guardians, embassy representatives) to view specific information in the student’s DataVU account. Access may be given for up to three menus:

  1. Class Schedule: the student’s class schedule by term
  2. Financial Menu: the student’s financial aid award, missing documents for financial aid, student account summary, meal plan and restrictions or holds
  3. Grades Menu: the student’s grades by term, midterm grades (first-year students)and unofficial transcript.

If you wish to have your student grant you or others access to your DataVU information, please follow these steps:

  1. Your student may give you access to DataVU by logging into their DataVU account and selecting the Allow Parent/Guest Access
  2. On the Allow Access screen, names of the student’s parents or other relationships included in the university’s database will appear.
  3. The student may select which menu options, if any, to grant to each person listed. Each person may be granted different menu access or the same.
  4. Your student will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office within 15 minutes once they have submitted the Allow Access form.
  5. The email the student receives will provide the login and password for each individual to whom they have given access to their information.
  6. It is the student’s responsibility to forward this information to each individual new user(s).
  7. Once you have received your login information from your student, you may go to and login to view the menu items and information to which you have been given access.
  8. Your student has the option to rescind (remove) access at any time for individuals by deselecting the menu authorization on the Allow Parent/Guest Access page.
  9. Your access will expire at the point the student’s access is disabled which is currently upon graduation, withdrawal or if they do not return the following semester.