Office of Volunteer Programs

Spring Break Service Trips

Expectations of Participants

All participants are expected to uphold the honor and values of Valparaiso University and to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. The rules outlined in the Valparaiso University Student Guide to University Life apply to this trip and participants can be held accountable for their actions in the event that they violate any University policy.

Because these trips are focused on providing service to communities in need, all participants are expected to participate to the best of their ability in the projects that they are assigned. This includes any chores required by the housing site.

These trips are not vacations. Free time is limited. These trips are not designed to allow students a great deal of time to sight see, do homework or talk on the phone. Some sights will ask students to "unplug" as much as possible so that they can focus their attention on the service experience.

All students are expected to respect the requests, rules and instructions of the trip advisers, student leaders and staff of the volunteer site. Safety is a priority during all University trips.

All participants are expected to participate in nightly reflection groups. These group discussed are designed to help the entire group process their emotions and experiences throughout the trip and to ensure that everyone is getting the most out of their trip that they can. Our trip advisers and student leaders will be trained to lead these sessions.

Finally, all participants are expected to attend all pre-trip meetings. There will be one large group meeting held late January (date TBD) and one-two group meetings leading up to departure. Those dates will be determined as a group based on availability of the group as a whole.

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