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Spring Break Service Trips

Frequently Asked Questions

- How much money should I bring with me on the trip?

You should make sure that you have enough money to purchase meals while traveling, to purchase any souvenirs or any other items you may need. We recommend having a budget of at least $150 as spending money for these purposes.

- What do I need to pack for my trip?

You only get to bring a small bag (carry on size), a pillow, sleeping bag and personal item with you in the van. This means packing strategically and re-wearing items of clothing. The details of what you need may vary based on site but here are the basics:


  • Shoes (shower shoes, work boots, gym shoes)
  • Clothes
    • Work clothes: things you don't mind ruining and that you can layer if needed. (most sites DO NOT have laundry facilities and you may need to wear items more than once.)
      • Pants (jeans, flannel pants or sweatpants)
      • Shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve)
      • Outerwear (jacket, coat, hat, gloves)
      • Underwear (enough for at least 1 change a day)
      • Socks (several pairs, think and thin)
    • Other clothes: things to wear around the housing site, sightseeing etc.
      • Pajamas (warm and comfortable)
      • a few other shirts and an additional pair of jeans or two
  • Shower/Bathroom (consider splitting items with someone else on the trip to limit what you need to pack!)
    • Towel and washcloth
    • Shampoo and Conditioner
    • body wash and deodorant
    • Razor and shaving cream
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Any prescribed medications
    • sunscreen
    •  glasses or contacts and solution if needed
  • Sleeping gear (pillow, sleeping bag or sheet and warm blanket)
  • Personal entertainment
    • Cell phone and charger or calling card
    • book, magazine or journal
    • playing cards


How will applications be assigned to trips?

       After reviewing your application and receiving your $100 deposit a group of trip organizers comprised of leaders from the Harre Union, Volunteer Programs, Chapel of the Resurrection and the Social Action Leadership Team will place you into a trip in the order in which your application was received. Placements will be determined by your answers on your application. Space is limited on all trips and no one is guaranteed their top choice.

- I would really like to travel with my friend, is that possible? 

        While we understand that students would like to travel with certain people, we can not guarantee that you will be assigned to the same trip. The order in which we receive your application is the defining factor. We encourage all students to keep an open mind and to make new friends with the students participating in your trip.

- What is the difference between a "faith based trip" and the other trips?

          The trips that are labeled as being "faith based" are at locations that place a high value and expectation on both service and spirituality in a Christian setting. This could include daily prayer sessions and other mission like activities. Since not all students may feel comfortable participating in these activities we have labeled the trips to indicate the difference in experience.

-How many people can go on each trip?

          The number of available spaces on each trip can vary. This number is determined not only by how many vans we have available but also by the number of volunteers our sites can host during our trip. All trips will be between 12 and 24 participants. 

- Who can I contact if I have questions about one of the trips?

           If you have questions not covered on this website we encourage you to reach out to the Volunteer Programs Office at Volunteer@valpo.edu.

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