A diverse and collaborative community.

Valpo’s faculty create a supportive and challenging environment for developing artists — identifying the strengths of their work, while also encouraging constant improvement. This environment helps students take creative risks as they develop their unique artistic perspective.

The tight-knit faculty includes scholars and artists in all of the major disciplines:

  • Art History
  • Ceramics
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia and Web Design
  • Museum Studies
  • Painting
  • Photography

Nearly all teaching faculty members are active artists, and they bring their experiences into the classroom to influence a next generation of visual thinkers.

Aimee Tomasek

Aimee Tomasek, MFA

Department Chair
Associate Professor

Michele Corazzo

Michele Corazzo, MFA

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Nina Corazzo

Nina Corazzo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor,
Walter E. Bauer Professor of History

Mark A. Heckler

Kevin Firme, MFA

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Gregg Hertzlieb

Gregg Hertzlieb, MFA, M.Ed.

Director and Curator, Brauer Museum of Art
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Sarah Jantzi

Sarah Jantzi, MFA

Assistant Professor

Jane Lohmeyer

Jane Lohmeyer, MALS

Adjunct Instructor

Robert Sirko

Robert Sirko, MFA

Associate Professor

Elizabeth Wuerffel

Elizabeth Wuerffel, MFA

Assistant Professor

Kimbery Demorotski

Kimbery Demorotski, AAS

Administrative Assistant

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"The amazing thing about this department is that all of the professors can have such a profound effect on your life. Each one has talked to me about my art, made me think about my work in new ways, and supported me uniquely."