The Art Department at Valparaiso University offers a minor in art history or an individual major in art history. Students combine their study of the history of art with coursework in museum studies. The collection of the Brauer Museum of Art here at the University is a wonderful resource and students have the opportunity to study it as well as the special exhibitions of art that come to the Brauer each year.

Course work in art history ranges from surveys in art from the ancient world to the present to seminars on a great variety of topics. The following courses have been offered in the last few years: Art and Culture of Turkey, Art and Culture of Italy, American Art and Architecture, 17th and 18th Century European Art, 19th Century European Art, Early 20th Century Art, Surrealism, Art Since 1945, Art History and Feminism, Art and Religion in the Modern Age, and Art and Mass Culture. The Department often sponsors trips abroad during the summer to allow students the pleasure and benefit of studying art and architecture on site. Past trips have included tours in France, Turkey, Italy, and Greece.

Employment opportunities for students with a degree in art history include:

  • Museum Work
  • Conservation/Restoration
  • Research
  • Preparator
  • Museum Publications/Editing
  • Public Education/ Lecturing, Programming
  • Public Relations
  • Registrar
  • Curatorial
  • Directorship
  • Gallery Sales
  • Art Restoration
  • Arts Administration/Public Arts Management
  • Art Buyer for Corporations
  • Art Dealing
  • Appraisal/Connoisseurship (for individuals, corporations insurance companies)
  • Critical Writing (newspapers, trade journals, leisure magazines)
  • Auction Houses (research and appraisal staff)
  • Consultation
  • Art Law : Import/Export Laws
  • Art Detective
  • Corporate Acquisitions