Faculty Profile

Robert Sirko, Associate Professor of Graphic Design

VUCA 2411




Robert Sirko holds a BA degree in Fine Art from Indiana University, and an MFA in Visual Communications from the California Institute of the Arts. Sirko joined the faculty of Valparaiso University in 1989. Sirko teaches courses in graphic & digital design including animation. From 2000 until 2013 he was the department chair.

Sirko began his career as a graphic designer and worked in Chicago and Los Angeles. As owner of R Sirko Design, he has consulted with various institutions and businesses on a local and regional level. His work has appeared in International Design Magazine, The New American Logo, and has received recognition from the American Center for Design and the AIGA.

Sirko’s paintings are derivative of several inspirations that include Chicago Imagist, Central and South American art, and various popular culture motifs. His vivid color palette is heavily influenced by Mexican and South American traditions. Sirko asserts that if one is to make paintings today, they must be bold and aggressive and possess an iconic presence in order to compete amongst the myriad communication forms that vie for our attention in today’s media rich environment.

 “It Came From Planet Meta 4" is an experimental video animation on Youtube. 


MFA - CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) 1988
BA - Indiana University 1982