Faculty Profile

Aimee Tomasek, Associate Professor of Art

Department Chair

VUCA 2433


My first photographic essay was a 4-H photography project that was exhibited and won a blue ribbon at the Polk County Fair. The essay was a set of six color pictures mounted on bright green tag board with blue letters stating the title,“How to Butcher a Rabbit.” I am still making images that address the institution of the county fair.I consider myself to be a documentary photographer as well as a social commentator. Some of my interests are rooted in humor, some in more serious concepts; all of them address how unique we are as individuals and how as individuals we are all the same.Major photographic projects I have worked on or are currently involved with include: “Czech Days; a photographic documentary of Clarkson, Nebraska”, “Hot Idle; LTV Steel, Indiana Harbor” , “Knee High by the Fourth of July: Overholt,”and “Mardi Gras, Celebrating With the Saints and Sinners”, “Crying with the Saints and Sinners”, and “Krewe”. “Down it comes, Up it Goes: Co-Alliance,Malden Elevator,” and “Good Cooks; Portraits from the Church Cook book” are portfolios I am currently involved with. I have taught how photographs are made, seen and valued at Valparaiso University since 1996.


Bachelor of Arts - University of Wisconsin 
Master of Fine Arts - University of Kentucky