Group visit policies

Groups may arrange a docent-led tour, bring their own guide, or simply spend time looking at the exhibitions on their own. However, all groups of more than 10 must register by calling (219) 465-7926.

Groups wishing to arrange for a guided tour (either with a museum docent or their own guide) may not number more than 60.  We recommend that groups of more than 20 are divided and tour the gallery separately.  Our tour coordinator has several other activities (including a "behind-the scenes" tour) that can accommodate the group(s) that is not in the gallery.

Children must be accompanied by adults -- 1 adult for every 10 children.  The adults are expected to stay with them at all times. The docent must rely on adult supervision and discipline to facilitate the educational experience being provided.  Children who are misbehaving will be removed from the museum.

What are the rules of the Brauer Museum?

For safety and security reasons, no one may

  • touch any of the artwork, chew gum, eat or drink while in the museum, run in the galleries, shout or be disruptive in any way, wander away from the group, and use any writing tools except pencils (clipboards will be provided at the desk for teacher/docent supervised activities).

  • use cameras or make copies of artwork without advance permission.

We suggest that elementary school students wear name tags with their first names written clearly so that the docent can address them by name.

Where should our bus bring us?

Your bus should use the Sturdy Road entrance to campus and drop the students off at the entrance of the turn around of the Center for the Arts.  Please have students exit quickly because the bus will be blocking traffic.  The buses may park in the parking lot west of Huegli Hall (See Campus Parking Map).

Disability Access

Disability buses may enter the turn around to drop off their passengers.

The museum owns one wheel chair. If you wish to use it, please make arrangements in advance.

Where do we go when we arrive at the museum?

Enter the Center for the Arts by the main entrance on the south side of the building.  Please keep your students together in a group in the lobby. Your docent will be there to meet you.


Please call the Brauer Museum at (219) 464-5276.

If you must cancel your tour (or if you wish to reschedule), please call as soon as possible.