Overview of Kaaterskill Clove (facing east)

"The most distinctive, and perhaps, the most impressive, characteristics of American scenery, is its wilderness."

Thomas Cole, from an "Essay on American Scenery"

Gray Day in the Catskills

Junius R. Sloan (1827-1900), Gray Day in the Catskills, 1881, oil on canvas, 20 1/8 x 36 3/16 inches, Brauer Museum of Art, Percy H. Sloan Trust, 53.01.068.

“It is a spot to make a man solemnize. You can see right down into the valley that lies to the east of the High-Peak, where, in the fall of the year, thousands of acres of woods are for your eyes, in the deep hollow, and along the side of the mountain, painted like ten thousand rainbows, by no hand of man, though not without the ordering of God’s providence.”

Natty Bumppo, looking into the Clove from the top of Kaaterskill Falls, from James Fenimore Cooper's The Pioneers