Biology Club

Watch this space! Activities for Fall Semester, 2011 will appear here!

The Biology Club helps with river and stream restoration projects.  The projects involves stabilizing an eroding bank by placing tree root wads and installing lunker structures (fish habitat).  If you want to see and even improve beautiful rivers, this would be a great opportunity for you!  Expect to spend the entire day on the river, returning home before dark.  These projects are great fun, and you will be "putting biology into service!

General meetings for all of the members will be monthly, and members will be informed  via email of the exact dates and times of the meetings. The Eboard will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 11:10 AM in the 3rd floor lounge of NSC during the academic year.

What does the biology club have to offer?

Leadership Opportunities
Leadership elections for the school year 2011-2012 were held at the end of spring semster. Meanwhile, feel free to suggest and take initiative on any ideas for activities that you may have.

Picnics, Dunes Trips, Fly Fishing, Parties, Movies, and more!

The Biology Club is a great way to meet people interested in life.

"Putting Biology Into Service" by Volunteerism:
Stream Restorations, Prarie Restorations, Animal Shelter, and more!

VU Biology Club Environmental Action Statement -- Click the underlined link to read about it!

Learning Opportunities:
Believe it or not, you learn a lot while helping out and having fun! For instance, at stream restorations and dunes outings, we will explore the diversity of life.

Best of all, you'll meet the AWESOME people who are the officers and members in the Bio Club!

Feel free to contact any of the 2011-2012 Executive Board officers of the 
VU Biology Club:

President: Matt Butcher

Vice President: Veronica Clancy

Treasurer: Diana Stutzman

Secretary: Micah Hausch

Historian: Normis Salas

Sophomore Rep: Aubri Rush

Relations Officer: Alex Zapata 

Webmaster:  John Wunderlich

All other positions are appointed

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Grayson Davis