Overview of the Biology Major

Click here pdf for a pdf file of the overview. 

 Four options for the major are as follows:
                    B.A. 28 cr. + minor
                    B.S. 32 cr. + specified minor or non-science major
                    B.S. 40 cr.
                    B.S. 25 cr. + another science major  

Core Courses
  Intermediate Level Courses (Elected)   Upper Level Courses (Elected)  
Unity of Life 4 cr. Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 3 cr. Ecology 4 cr.
Diversity of Life 4 cr. Field Biology, Spring 3 cr. Cell Biology 4 cr.
Genetics 4 cr. Mammalian Cell Culture 3 cr. Developmental Biology 4 cr.
    Principles of Physiology 3 cr    
    Modern Microscopy 3 cr. Molecular Biology 4 cr.
  ___ Biological Topics: 
    Human Genetics, 
3 cr. Plant Biology 4 cr.
total credit needed


12 cr.   3-6 cr.   8-12 cr.
Seminar or Research
2 cr.

 Additional notes:

                    B.A. in Biology requires General Chemistry, 8 cr. (also requires 8 cr. of foreign language)

                    B.S. in Biology requires General Chemistry, 8 cr. + Organic Chemistry, 4 cr. (also requires 4 cr. math/computer science)

                    All students in the College of Arts and Sciences, regardless of major, are required to complete at least 124 credit hours of coursework  with a grade point average of 2.0.

                    Please refer to the 2012-2013 VU General Catalog for a complete description of major course requirements.