Student Research & Honors Work

Biology majors--particularly those who intend to pursue graduate work in biology--are encouraged to conduct research during the senior year under the supervision of the faculty. Majors also have the opportunity to carry out original research at other institutions during the summer as participants in summer research or internship programs sponsored by those institutions. Recently, Valparaiso University began a partnership with a biological field station in southern Michigan called Pierce Cedar Creek Institute (PCCI). Funding is available through PCCI for student/faculty summer research collaborations at the field station.

Students in many departments of the College of Arts and Sciences, including the Department of Biology, may be awarded honors in their field of study provided they meet specific requirements. Honors work is designated for students of exceptional ability who may benefit by earning up to six credits towards graduation through supervised research. Students who apply for Honors Work should understand that their work will be evaluated according to the highest standards of scholarly achievement.

Examples of recent student research projects:

"The Effect of Age and Storage on the Reliability of Molecular Biology Teaching Reagents," by Heather Moebs and Jonathan Foelber, Spring, 2000.