The Building Blocks of Our System

Valparaiso University’s design system is built using a combination of strategic shape, form, symbol, space, and color. The following sub-elements are the shape and form components that integrate to build our brand and tell our story. The rules for implementing these elements are in addition to all prescriptions detailed in this document.

building blocksA. Header Blocks (Gold Preferred)
A PANTONE® 116 rectangular header is featured in almost all executions of the brand. It is common to implement a tint of PANTONE® 116 in this shape according to the Community Point visual line. This space is also very conducive to text and headlines. This block architecture may be used with the other brand colors as needed.
B.  Rule
A PANTONE® 382 straight rule is also featured in almost all executions of the brand—typically below and flush with the element A—and spans the full width of the page. Do not tint or shade PANTONE® 382.
C. Life Lines
Valparaiso’s Life Lines are one of the most critical features of our brand identity. These fluid, delicate, tapered lines, which are PANTONE® 382 in color aside from a single PANTONE® 116 strand, represent the life and journey of our students. Refer to Page 41 for a full set of standards on this sub-element.
D. Incline Base
This PANTONE® 469 shape exists almost exclusively in the footer of a page, to anchor the design. The top trajectory line should always incline at 5 degrees to the upper-right. This essential shape often houses the Primary Signature in its reverse format, and also creates the pathway for the Life Lines.
E. Flame Curve
The Flame Curve shape is derived from the flame of the symbol in our Primary Signature. This element can be used as a semi-transparent shape over a photograph or other content, typically as a complementary aesthetic addition. This shape can also be used to crop photos on one edge. The curve paths on both sides of the symbol’s flame can be extracted and used in this manner.
F. Shield Edge
Like element E, this shape is a direct extraction from the edge of the shield in our Primary Signature. It can be used to crop photos, frame color fields, and create tint and shade spaces within elements A and D. Refer to the additional standards concerning this particular shape within this document.
G. Tapered Curve
This shape is also derived from the curved lower portion of our symbol’s shield. It is best utilized as a sub-element when page space is limited, such as in business cards or postcards. This shape tapers intentionally to mirror the quality of our Life Lines. Use it in a similar fashion as element F.