Business Cards

Business cards are a convenient way to share information about oneself. They provide affiliation information, points of contact, and brief professional information about the individual. The Valparaiso University business card standards provide for three address lines, four points of contact, two lines for department and title information, and one line for name and degree information.

The number of characters available within the three address lines is 75 total. The number of email characters is limited to 22 in the points of contact information. Any additional characters in the email line will force a reduction in font size.

Flexibility is available within the address lines and points of contact. For instance, one could use four lines for address information and three lines for points of contact. Possible contact information is phone, fax, Valpo e-mail address, and Web address information.

Two lines are available above the individual’s name for department and title identification. For each line, 44 characters are available for use. The top line is designated for department name, while the bottom line is designated for title.

To reflect the personal nature of the Valpo educational experience, first names are printed in bold lettering. Middle initials and last names are printed in plain font.

Degrees may be abbreviated and listed after an individual’s name. The use of a period in the degree is optional. Note that the character limit for the entire line (including name and degrees) is 31. It is recommended that one list the highest degree attained without preceding degrees, though individual discretion is permissible with the character limit in mind. Degrees should be listed following a comma after the person’s last name. Schools where the degrees were attained should not be listed. Degrees may be listed specific to areas of study with the character limit in mind.


There are two business card options for students. Text on the card should include the expected year of graduation, rather than using the term “student” or similar wording.


Business Cards