Unifying the Elements

Design SystemValpo’s brand identity is represented in its truest form with the combination of every visual component. Shape, signature, space, color, imagery, type and form have been constructed strategically to represent Valparaiso’s Brand Attributes (see Page 5), thus enforcing our personality and meaning. Any one visual component could exist independently; however, brands require synergy, with greatest impact realized when all of the parts form a much stronger whole. Visual synergy is provided by our Design System—the map for how our components best interact with one another.

The following pages demonstrate Valparaiso’s Design System standards. As with any good creative engine, flexibility must be afforded to accommodate the wide variety of content and application needs. Our system prescribes rules and standards that reflect best on-brand practices for front-facing layouts, like covers, posters, and billboards. Note, however, that Valparaiso’s brand identity can flex to encompass any medium and volume of content.

The letter-of-the-law is not the goal, but rather the essence of the Valparaiso brand being communicated properly.

All official Valparaiso communication products must be reviewed and approved by Integrated Marketing and Communications to ensure proper brand identity usage and consistency. Contact IMC at brand.quality@valpo.edu.