Prestige Letterhead

Prestige LetterheadPrestige Signature

• The prestige letterhead is designed to complement the suite of business materials, and is an anchor for internal and external formal communication. The Prestige Signatures are reserved for use by the provost, deans and academic colleges, MBA, Law School, and special exemptions. Applications for accepted use include materials for university-wide events such as commencement, convocation, and building dedications. Use of this signature suite grouping is limited. For guidance on use of the Prestige Signatures, interested parties are advised to contact the Brand Manager at Please refer to Integrated Marketing and Communictions to request preprinted stock, as well as digital templates to ensure margin and font consistency.
• Follow these guidelines for margins:
– Points of contact column: 3.2 inches left margin, left justified; 0.875 inches top margin
– Address column: 5.5 inches left margin, left justified; 0.875 inches top margin
– Recipient information: 0.875 inches left margin; 2 inches top margin
– Body copy: 0.875 inches left margin; 0.875 inches right margin; 2.375 inches top margin; 1 inch bottom margin
– Signature title line: 1 inch bottom margin
• When printing on pre-printed letterhead ordered from the
purchasing office, it is highly recommended to use the brand of
toner or ink that matches the brand of printer being used. This will
ensure the highest quality for printing.