Brand Attributes

The Valpo Brand

Valparaiso’s brand identity is built upon a foundation of brand attributes, or qualities and characteristics that best define the University. These attributes collectively depict the brand personality of Valparaiso University, and our integrated design system is constructed to support them.

The promise of the Valparaiso University brand lies in the meaning behind the five attributes. Each attribute was developed in connection with five research studies involving thousands of members of the campus community.

Brand Attributes

Valparaiso University brand attributes 


The aspect of quality identified by the research is multifaceted and includes among other things: quality of students; alumni and faculty; academics; facilities; and campus life.

Key Message: A Valparaiso University education prepares highly knowledgeable and creative graduates with a deep understanding of an interconnected and complex world.


The primary driver of this lens is the close-knit and interconnected community valued by the Valpo student. This lens also includes the aspect of Valpo’s impact and engagement in other communities — locally, nationally, and internationally.

Key message: The Valparaiso University family shares a common pursuit of truth while living and learning in a caring and inclusive environment where individuals embrace a range of values and beliefs.

Personal Journey

The marquee aspect of the Valpo experience is driven by the double freedom students possess, to both inquire and pursue truth in the development of their sense of purpose, professional competency, and spiritual maturity. Valpo’s comprehensive nature creates a distinctive setting that enables abundant academic experiential, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities.

Key message:In partnership with caring and knowledgeable faculty, staff and alumni, Valparaiso University students choose the path that best inspires their personal and professional growth.

Learning Through Service

This lens describes servant leadership as a critical aspect of the Valpo campus community that is exponentially more embedded and pursued here than at similar institutions. In 2010, Valpo students contributed more than 60,000 hours of civic engagement, volunteer, and service learning hours, totaling more than 15 hours per student in the academic year.

Key message: Valparaiso University provides the opportunity for life-changing service experiences that help people and communities while deepening students’ understanding of the world and themselves.

Thoughtful Leadership

This lens describes the highly distinctive character-building component found at Valpo through its Lutheran heritage, strong academic regimen, and double freedom to pursue truth and engage those of other faiths, traditions, and backgrounds, leading graduates to become more competent and compassionate leaders.

Key message: Valparaiso University educates students who will create change through their confidence to lead, their wisdom and their concern for others.