The Art of Typography

TypographyTypography is an integral part of Valparaiso University’s brand identity, and is an extension of our brand personality. Like color and shape, type forms convey mood and meaning, and we have specificed a suite of typefaces with great intention. Sans-Serif, Serif, and Decorative fonts each play a unique role in communicating the Valpo message, and they are Avenir, Warnock Pro, Minion Pro, and Bickham Script Pro, respectively.

These fonts have been chosen for their compatibility with the logotype, as well as their visual relationship to our brand attributes. Consistent use of these fonts promotes typography as a recognizable brand component.

In general, Avenir should be used as a title, headline and header font, with the responsibility of representing more primary, brief text. Warnock Pro or Minion Pro should be used for body copy, and larger volumes of content. Bickham Script Pro is a tertiary font, and should be used sparingly as an accent font for aesthetic enhancement as directed by a creative professional.

All weights and styles of the recommended and alternative font families may be used as best suits the product, and with professional judgment.

Adobe Caslon Pro, Times New Roman, Gotham, and Arial may be used as substitute fonts when the recommended fonts are not available.

Valparaiso’s official font families are available for purchase and license at www.adobe.com/type and from other online type vendors.