Our Signature

The Valparaiso Primary Signature, nicknamed "The Crest," is the cornerstone brand identity component for the institution. The signature was developed strategically to communicate our brand attributes. It is constructed by the precise union of our Symbol and Logotype. This design may never be compromised by modifying, amending, subtracting, or otherwise altering its design in any fashion.

Valparaiso University primary signatureSignature

Commonly referred to as a logo, Valparaiso University's Primary Signature denotes the joining of our symbol and logotype.


The identifying brand mark is officially called "The Crest." It demonstrates tradition and prestige, reflecting Valpo quality. The signiture flame element is an ode to the University’s motto.


This is the custom typesetting and arrangement of Valparaiso Univerisity's name as it is present in its Primary Signature. In order to respond to themes of progression and growth, the font is a more modern-day sans-serif, Avenir.