Partnership Co-Brands - Horizontal Arrangement

partners co-brand horizontal arrangementValparaiso University regularly collaborates and Horizontal arrangement creates partnerships with academic institutions and other organizations. When Valpo enters into collaborative relationships, our standard is to maintain at least equal weight as the collaborator signature (logo) on communication products. When the product is Valpo-sponsored, we should have visual predominance (first position) relative to co-branded logos. When the product is not Valposponsored, we submit to the brand standards of the sponsoring organization, as long as the standards governing our signatures are not violated.

There may be times when collaborator logos have an irregular footprint and are unable to meet the height requirements shown here. In these cases, size the collaborator logo so that its total area (width times height) is about equal to that of our Primary Signature.

Single organization co-branding
When a single organization is collaborating with a Valpo-sponsored function, we use a logo lock-up as depicted. This equal treatment signals that both entities have equal stake and investment.

Multiple organization co-branding
When multiple organizations are collaborating with a Valpo-sponsored function, we use a multiple logo lock-up structure as depicted to the right. No more than three logos may integrate with our lock-up system. In cases where more than three entities require mention, please consult with Integrated Marketing and Communications for a visual strategy. Contact IMC at