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Faculty involvement in students' career development is invaluable.  Many students never need to come in to our office, largely as a result of the mentoring and guidance they receive from specific faculty members.  Our aim is to support faculty's existing efforts to positively impact their students' career planning and development, and collaborate on events and programs that support each academic department on campus.  


We believe that career development is essential to students' overall wellbeing, increases academic engagement, and positively impacts retention; for this reason, we are constantly looking to strengthen our partnerships with Valpo faculty.  Below is our mission statement, and to the left are various ways to partner with us to better serve our students.


Eric Johnson, Dean of the College of Engineering

Career Center Mission Statement

To encourage lifelong career development by empowering students to identify, visualize and pursue their vocational interests and passions. 

This is accomplished by interacting with students individually and in small groups to help them identify their interests, values and skills.  Subsequently, we help them further discover occupational options and build professional relationships en route to a job, career and/or graduate or professional school.