Grad and Law School Fair Tips
  • Prioritize your list of schools to make effective use of your time at the Fair. If you have time, visit the websites of your top schools. 
  • Visit as many graduate school representatives as possible. 
  • Be friendly and assertive. The representatives are here to see YOU!
  • Introduce yourself by giving your name, major, and year in school. Be prepared to shake hands! If you have a particular interest such as a certain type of degree or program, etc., say so.  Initiate conversation by asking a leading question such as, "Could you tell me about the programs you offer?"
  • Collect materials and business cards from representatives.
  • Ask good questions, i.e., “What graduate programs do you offer?”  “I’m a freshman. Any career advice for someone just starting school?”
  • Ask how to get more information about the graduate school or program.
  • Be patient and wait your turn if a representative is talking with another student.
  • Smile! Be personable and talk conversationally with representatives.