Aaron Rank talks about his internship at Disney

Aaron RankI always knew that I wanted to use my education to do something interesting. My family had vacationed at Disney World for many years and I had always had the dream of working there, so pursuing a job there was very exciting to me. During the semesters I spent on internship at WDW, I was able to join their engineering team and help create the experience that millions of people a year come on vacation to see. I got the chance to work in two different departments, Facilities Asset Management and in the Structural Engineering Department. While in the Facilities Team, I helped serve as a project manager at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the main projects that I got involved in were the creation of a Meet and Greet Location and a retail store renovation. I was also given the chance to initiate a roadway resurfacing, a concrete removal project, and the creation of Cabanas for Disney’s Waterparks.

Getting the chance to lead the projects was especially rewarding as I was given the opportunity to see the project in its conceptual stages and help bring it to reality. While working in the Structural Engineering Department, I designed the structural elements of numerous projects including: the framing plan for a stage, a well traveled bridge, and the rigging for a press event. Each day, I also get the chance to work with experienced PE’s who tutor me in the best design practices and advise me on what has worked for them in the past. My co-workers also give me insight on how to maneuver around the constraints of working at a place that is open to visitors 365 days a year and subject to the unpredictable Florida weather. At Disney World, I got the chance to put my education to use in the real world while also gaining the satisfaction that the work I do creates happiness for guests from all over the world.

Aaron Rank, Civil Engineering, December 2008

Architecture and Facilities Engineering
Structural Engineering Department
Walt Disney World