Mock Interviews

These are thirty to forty-minute, practice interviews with employers, who will help you identify your interview strengths and weaknesses.  Interview slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Professional attire is a requirement for participation. 

Mock interviews are an opportunity to test your skills and build confidence in a safe, risk-free environment. Employers volunteer to conduct these interviews because they want to help Valpo students do their best in the job market.

To sign up for a mock interview:


 1.      Log into your VALPO Connect account. If you haven't already registered for VALPO Connect (Experience eRecruiting), please register using the access token found on our Intranet page.   

2.      Be sure your most current resume has been uploaded on VALPO Connect. Make any corrections to your resume that might be suggested by the Career Center staff when uploading a new resume.  Your resume must be uploaded into VALPO Connect prior to signing up for a mock interview.

3.      Search for the mock interview schedules under the Career Center Calendar in VALPO Connect.  Apply for the mock job and select the time slot that best fits your schedule. be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled mock interview.

4.      Rreview the interview section of the Career Center web site.  The information will greatly assist you in feeling more comfortable with the interviewing process.  An interview is your opportunity to ask questions as well as to answer them.  Please prepare for both situations, but also recognize that mock interviews are practice interviews.  We line up the best interviewers we can, of course they represent a limited number of employment settings.  While you would normally research an employer prior to an interview, if the employer's company is listed prepare for an interview with that company.  If you are wondering how you should research an employer, discuss that with the interviewer.  The Mock Interview is also a prime opportunity to seek advice and answers to questions.  Make the most of your time with the interviewer. 

5.      Dress as you would for any professional interview.  That means a suit—for men and women.  Talk to someone in the Career Center if you have a question regarding interview attire.

6.      You will be asked to complete a Mock Interview Program evaluation form the day of your interview. 

You will find your Mock Interview helpful, informative and a confidence booster!  Questions? Stop by or contact the Career Center at 219-464-5005 or

In addition to mock interviews, the Career Center offers Interview Stream.  This resource gives you the power to practice, save and conduct online interviews from the comfort of your room (or the Career Center).  Create a free account, plug in your webcam, review, retry, see and hear yourself!  

Click the logo to get started.        Interview Stream