What to wear to a career fair
Think of it this way:  You are going to be meeting people for the first time...people you want to impress.  What should you wear that will be totally appropriate and impress in the best way?
  • cfattireWear nice pants (like khakis) or a skirt. Do not wear jeans or denim of any type, shorts, baggy pants, or other attire that will attract negative attention. 
  • Wear a polo shirt or golf shirt, blouse, or other casual shirt with a collar. Do not wear t-shirts of any kind, low cut tops, or tops that are wrinkled or look old. 
  • Wear shoes that look more professional...not flip flops or other beach-related footwear.
  • Suits are always appropriate though our Fair is casual. Some employers just respond more positively to candidates in suits. If in doubt, keep in mind it is always better to be over-dressed rather than underdressed. That is not to say you must wear a suit. Just think about what to wear that will make you feel professional and confident as you speak with employers/graduate schools.
  • Consider the employers/graduate schools our guests on campus. Present yourself in the best possible light as you interact with these visitors.

If you have questions regarding appropriate attire for the Fair, consult with the Career Center. We are happy to assist.