Mock Interviews
 Katie Rader
   Katie Rader can attest to the benefits of
participating in a mock interview.

These are thirty to forty-minute, practice interviews with employers, who will help you identify your interview strengths and weaknesses.  Interview slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Professional attire is a requirement for participation. 

Mock interviews are an opportunity to test your skills and build confidence in a safe, risk-free environment. Employers volunteer to conduct these interviews because they want to help Valpo students do their best in the job market.


Spring 2016 Mock Interview Days (3rd Friday of EVERY Month)

Friday, January 22nd 8a-5p

Friday, February 19th 8a-5p

Friday, March 18th 8a-5p

Friday, April 15th 8a-5p

**If you are unable to attend one of our Mock Interviews with an employer and still would like to participate, please call the Career Center at 219-464-5005 to request a mock interview with a professional staff member.**


Students can sign-up for mock interviews via Handshake

1) Click on 'Interviews' on the left-hand side underneath "Attend"

2) Select the date you wish to do a mock interview. (They will be clearly distinguished between other on-campus interviewing opportunities). 

3) 'Apply' with your most up to date resume. (It will need to be approved by the Career Center first). 

4) It will then take you to a page where you can select and confirm your time. 

5) You will receive a confirmation from the Career Center and a reminder 24 hours before your interview. Be sure to thoroughly review our mock interview policies below. 


Policies and Procedures


Mock interviews must be cancelled by 8:00 a.m., 48 hours before the scheduled interview by calling the Career Center at 219-464-5005. Failure to cancel your interview 48 hours prior to the interview will result in the interview being classified as a “no show”

No Show

A “no show” is defined as a missed scheduled mock interview where the student does not appear for a scheduled mock interview and/or has not given sufficient notice (as outlined above).


If a student violates the interview cancellation policy above - regardless of the reason (including illness, emergencies, etc.) your Handshake account will be immediately deactivated and you will be required to submit a ready-to-mail letter of apology to the employer. The letter of apology is to be given to the Career Center's receptionist within three (3) working days from the date of the scheduled interview. Upon receipt of the letter of apology, your Handshake account will be re-activated. If you fail to submit a written letter of apology and/or violate the interview cancellation policy more than once, your Handshake account will remain inactive and your interview privileges will be revoked indefinitely.