The Career Center offers the following sessions for student organizations, residence halls and classes.  We are also happy to present them in the Career Center.

Career Counseling

Gather basic information about career counseling, reasons students seek career counseling, how it can be helpful, and what to expect during career counseling sessions. 

Career and Major Exploration

Learn how to make well-informed decisions about jobs, occupations, careers and majors.  Other topics include the importance of self-assessment and how majors and careers are connected.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Find out how to create compelling resumes by identifying what employers are looking for, discovering ways to make past experiences relevant to the current position, and providing general information.  This workshop addresses the importance of creating cover letters that sell you and your qualifications.  We’ll cover the composition of a cover letter and offer guidelines to make your document the number one choice of an employer.

Finding an Internship

Learn the steps to finding internship opportunities.  Tips, leads, resources and strategies will be shared and discussed.  At the end of this session, you will know how to find an internship.

Job Search Strategies & Networking

This workshop is will help you begin the process of job hunting.  Many job and internship openings are unadvertised and 75% of job seekers say that networking was their most successful job search strategy. Gain an understanding how to network and where to begin.  You’ll learn how to market yourself effectively, ways to explore the job market, and a variety of other hints and tips to utilize your time effectively.

Social Media and Your Job Search

Social media has become an invaluable tool for use in your job search.  This workshop focuses on how to effectively create and maintain your online brand, and use it to your advantage.  Employers are frequently using social media to do a bit of "snooping around" on job seekers; you want to make sure your social media presence is working for you, rather than against you.

Effective Interviewing

Learn how to prepare for an interview, what an employer is looking for, the types of questions you might be asked, do's and don'ts, and the importance of professionalism before, during and after the interview.

Getting into Grad School

This workshop will help you make informed decisions about graduate school and determining whether this is a positive choice for your future.  You’ll also learn how to choose the program that best suits you, how to create an application timeline and what comprises a complete application. 

Gap Year Info Session

A Gap Year experience is a purposeful full-time paid opportunity to explore or gain life and/or work experience in a field before going into a full-time job, graduate or professional program.  Gap experiences range in time from a few months to a few years; they also can be internships, fellowships and jobs.  Attend this session to learn more about the possibilities.