Creative Work and Research Committee announces award recipients

The Creative Work and Research Committee has named Carter Hanson and Lara Pudwell as University Research Professors for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Carter Hanson is an associate professor in the Department of English. His research will involve 
completing a manuscript entitled "Memory of the Future: Remembrance and the Utopian Imagination," 
which will discuss the relationship between modern Utopian/Dystopian literature and memory. The book 
will explore topics including the tensions between individual and collective memory, and questions of 
whether, or to what extent, memory is conducive or detrimental to the imagining of a better society.

Lara Pudwell is an assistant professor of mathematics and computer science. Her research will focus on 
developing new algorithms for the study of pattern-avoiding ascent sequences, words, and trees. The 
grant will also allow Pudwell to visit research collaborators in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Montreal 
during the sabbatical semester to work on these projects.

The Creative Work and Research Committee has also announced the recipients of the Wheat Ridge and 
Kapfer Research Grants.
Alex Capaldi, assistant professor of mathematics and computer science, has been awarded the Wheat 
Ridge Ministries – O.P. Kretzmann Memorial Fund for Research in the Healing Arts and Sciences. 
Capaldi’s project involves the development of mathematical models in biology, using differential 
equation and stochastic models, with a focus on the transmission dynamics of infectious diseases. This 
approach provides practical tools to aid in the planning for outbreaks.

Jennifer Winquist and Kieth Carlson, associate professors of psychology, have been awarded the Phillip 
and Miriam Kapfer Endowed Faculty Research Award. Winquist and Carlson plan to use this grant to 
write a research methods textbook that will serve as a companion to the statistics textbook they recently 
wrote. Their goal is to provide faculty with a relatively easy way to adopt an active learning approach in 
their statistics and research methods courses.
The Creative Work and Research Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate. In order to 
encourage creative work and research on the part of its faculty members, Valparaiso University offers 
opportunity for appropriate recognition and financial assistance for such work through award programs 
administered by the Creative Work and Research Committee. Please visit its website to learn more about 
the grants and awards that are available.