Collegiate DECA Competition in Orlando

On April 13, 2011, twelve undergraduate College of Business students traveled to Orlando, Florida to compete in Collegiate DECA's International Career Development Conference (ICDC) and were very successful in their events.

Collegiate DECA 2011 FinalistsSimply having the opportunity to participate in the ICDC is an incredible accomplishment as there are over 15,000 members in Collegiate DECA and only qualified competitors are eligible to compete in the ICDC event each year. Dana Goble, the 2010-2011 President of Collegiate DECA, explains more about the ICDC event: “These competitions are real examples of case studies and problems that businesses are confronted with in the world today.  The ICDC allows…students to use what [they have] learned in the classroom, apply it to a real situation, and get judged on their analysis, problem solving skills, practicality and ability to present.”

Of the twelve students that competed, five placed in the top ten in their events internationally. Jake Hautly and Taylor Deloye placed first in International Marketing, which is an outstanding achievement! Andy Schultz and Matt Barnard were finalists in International Marketing. Dana Goble was a finalist for Travel and Tourism and also received the top score on the Travel and Tourism test. Andy Simmons received the top score on the RetailCollegiate DECA 2011 Competitors Management Test. Other competitors include Bryan Bertani, who competed in the Sales Representative Meeting, Sarah Schultz and Kristine Rutkowski, who competed in Business to Business Marketing, Chris Hoffman, who competed in Financial Services, and Shilo Hunziker and Elizabeth McGinley, who competed in Business Ethics.

Overall, Valparaiso’s Collegiate DECA performed extremely well in Orlando. Goble explains that the competitors “had a great time and were able to spread the Valpo name through [their] success.” Congratulations to the Collegiate DECA ICDC competitors on an incredible performance!