Finance Course Descriptions

Below are descriptions of Finance courses offered within the College of Business:

FIN 282 - Personal Finance - Cr. 3 - An overview of personal and family financial management with an emphasis on budgets, tax management, credit management, investment selection, insurance selection, retirement planning and estate planning. Business majors may take this course only as a free elective. Offered in the summer term. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

FIN 290/390/490 - Topics in Finance - Cr. 1-3 - A detailed examination of selected topics pertinent to the field of finance to be offered when sufficient interest and staffing are available. Prerequisites will vary depending on topics being covered.

FIN 304 - Financial Management - Cr. 3 - A survey of the field of financial management. Major topics include the financial environment, financial statement analysis and forecasting, leverage, working capital management, assessment of risk, the time value of money, valuation of securities, and capital budgeting. Consideration is given to these topics as well as to ethical relationships among the firm’s contract holders. Prerequisites: ACC 205, ECON 221 and completion of at least 48 credit hours.

FIN 330 - Management of Financial Institutions - Cr. 3 - A study of management techniques of financial institutions in the context of their role in the US financial system. The primary objective of this course is learning to measure and manage risk within financial institutions. Offered in the spring term. Prerequisites: FIN 304, and IDS 110 or CS 157.

FIN 410 - Theory of Corporate Finance - Cr. 3 - A study of the theory of corporate finance with emphasis on analytic and quantitative problem solving. Topics covered include risk measurement and management, the cost of capital, capital budgeting, capital structure and dividend policy, and valuation theory. Spreadsheets will be employed where applicable. Offered in the fall term. Prerequisites: FIN 304, either IDS 110 or CS 157, and completion of or concurrent enrollment in IDS/MATH 340.

FIN 420 - Investment Management - Cr. 3 - A study of security markets and investment types emphasizing methods of analysis for selection of investments. Primary focus is given to the stock and bond markets. Sources of data, portfolio theory, and management of portfolios are discussed. Offered in the fall term. Prerequisites: FIN 304, and IDS 110 or CS 157.

FIN 425 - Financial Derivatives - Cr. 3 - This course develops an understanding of the use of options, futures, swaps and other derivative financial instruments. In addition to a discussion of the basic valuation models, the use of derivatives in risk eduction strategies is extensively developed. Offered in the spring term. Prerequisite: FIN 420.

FIN 430 - International Finance - Cr. 3 - An introduction to the functioning and management of the firm in international markets. An emphasis is on the multinational firm but increasing globalization makes international finance of concern to virtually every business operation. Coverage includes the international financial environment, and the measurement and management of risk exposure, particularly foreign exchange exposure, arising during international operations and trade. In addition, financing and investing decisions are considered in the international context. Offered in the fall and spring terms. Prerequisite: FIN 304.

FIN 470 - Financial Strategy and Policy - Cr. 3 - An analysis of the financial strategy of the firm with regard to investment and financing decisions. Evaluation of the risk and return of various financial strategies is emphasized. Students will have the pportunity to develop and enhance their financial skills through reading articles drawn from the finance literature and through the analysis of case studies allowing students to integrate the skills and knowledge developed in earlier business courses. Offered in the spring term. Prerequisites: FIN 410 and IDS/MATH 340.

FIN 495 - Independent Study in Finance - Cr. 1-3 - An independent research effort. It requires approval of a research proposal by a member of the college faculty and the Dean. May not be used as a substitute for a course which covers the proposed research area. Prerequisites: approved research proposal and permission of the Dean.