General Business Course Descriptions

Below are descriptions of General Business courses offered within the College of Business:

BUS 100 - The Business Experience - Cr. 3 - This course provides students with an overview of today's business world, with a particular emphasis on values-based issues and perspectives.  Students will learn to view a business not simply in terms of its financial performances, but also its social and environmental impacts.  The course includes assessment and skills development components designed to help students improve some of the softer skills they will need for professional success.  Students must also register for a corresponding lab of the course for assessment.

BUS 100L - The Business Experience Lab - Cr. 0 - This lab will involve approximately one half-day of assessment activities.  Students will participate in a series of exercises designed to evaluate their skill level in a variety of behavioral dimensions (e.g. communication, teamwork, problem-solving skills).  Students will subsequently receive a personalized, detailed report.  A $60-$70 fee is required of all students to be paid to Collegiate Assessment Partners, who administer the materials and results.

BUS 115 - Introduction to Enterprise Resource Planning Using SAP - Cr. 1 - An introduction to how the fundamental business processes interact with SAP ERB in functional areas such as Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Financial Accounting, Controlling, and Human Capital Management.  Features include hands-on use of the SAP graphical user interface (SAP GUI).  Course is designed to prepare the student to make more specific use of SAP software in other classes.